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Place of residence: Athens
Languages: French, English, Greek
Telephone: +30 6951-975001 / 210-2284858

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Curriculum vitae


My name is Eva VRONTINAKI, I was born and raised in Athens where I live and work as an official tour guide.

Since my childhood, I love discovering hidden stories behind places, monuments and artifacts which come from different historical periods. As a consequence, my special interest for any part of Greek culture - through history, mythology, archeology, literature, art, nature and customs - led me to study History and Archaeology at the University of Athens (Kapodistrian University of Athens) and History of Art (Master's degree) at the University of Lille in France (Charles-de-Gaule Lille III University). During my studies I had also participated in different archaeological programs in Greece - excavation programs: The Neolithic Cave of Poros (Drakaina Cave) on Kefalonia island, the Diogenes' Gymnasium at Plaka in Athens, the Hellenistic Fortress on Antikythera island etc. and recording programs on the collections of Hellenistic and Roman ceramics from the Archaeological Museum of the University of Athens.

At present, I am a licensed tour guide authorized by the Greek State to conduct guided tours in English, French and Greek.This means that I communicate my knowledge and personal experience to visitors helping them to discover the different colors of Greek culture from past to present. Parallel to this, having a genuine passion for my job I am working constantly to have a continuing education on different aspects of Greek culture studying and attending conferences (especially regarding the progress of archaeological researches in Greece).

As a professional, I offer guided tours throughout Greece for individuals, groups and families.

What kinds of tours are offered?

  • Cultural visits in archaeological sites, monuments, museums and art galleries (permanent or current exhibitions)
  • Walking tours in cities (*especially in Athens)
  • Excursions in Greece (one day trip or trips including overnight stays - mainland and Islands)
  • Thematic tours (Religious tours: The Steps of Apostle Paul in Greece, Pilgrimage in Orthodox Monasteries, Cultural tours: Classical Athens, Byzantine Athens, Discovering the ancient Attica from the cape Sounion to Eleusis, Panhellenic sanctuaries and games, Byzantine Peloponnese etc.)

In any case, by sending me an email presenting your preferences, we can customize together your tour according to your special interests.

If you wish to have a different and unforgettable experience in the magic world of Greek culture with your personal tour guide, I will be at your disposal!

Official Guide Identity

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