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Wohnort: Attika
Sprachen: englisch, griechisch
Telefon: +30 6947-393077
E-mail: theodora.tz@hotmail.com

Ausweis des offiziellen Fremdenführers

Brief CV

My name is Theodora Tzanetaki. I was born and currently live in Athens. I studied Archeology and Art History at the University of Athens and then did postgraduate studies at the Department of Philosophy of the same University, where I prepared my doctoral thesis with a scholarship from the State Scholarship Foundation (IKY). I took part in scientific conferences and worked in research and educational programs. Since 2017 I have been working as a tour guide in Athens cooperating with cultural event organization offices, public and private institutions, universities and schools from Greece and abroad.

Having absolute relevance to my studies and interests, the work of the tour guide gives me the opportunity to constantly delve into the long and inexhaustible history of my homeland and especially the city of Athens, to communicate with visitors from all over the world and infuse them with my love for philosophy, art and Greek culture. My goal is to help them get in touch with the countless beauties of Athens and its unique monuments and to contribute in making their stay in the city a constructive and special experience. For me, the work of a tour guide is a continuation of an ancient Greek tradition where hospitality is of utmost importance and is considered sacred.


Ausweis des offiziellen Fremdenführers

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