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Recapito: Athens
Lingue: English, Spanish, Portuguese
Telefono: +30 6973.043249

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Dionysios Flevotomos- short bio

 I was born and raised in Athens Greece where I currently reside and work as a licensed Guide. For a period of 3 years I lived in Wales where I studied Archaeology at the University of Wales, Lampeter (1994-1997). During my stay I participated in various archaeological excavations and fieldtrips in the UK, Greece and Albania. In the latter country I also conducted an ethno-archaeological research (as part of my dissertation) on the ethnic minority group of Vlachs in South Albania. Following my return to Athens I studied for a period of 3 years at the Athens Guide School where I graduated with honours. Since the year 2006 I have been working as a licensed guide in various archaeological sites and museums of Greece. Always eager to expand my knowledge I completed a Master's Course in Cultural Management (with honours) at the Panteion University of Athens where I specialised in Museum Studies. Currently I am doing my PhD research on the way Museum exhibitions influence the production of tourist souvenirs and the role that this material culture has on shaping our collective and personal identities. Furthermore, being an Athenian I always try to find ways of presenting my home city in a way that connects its rich heritage with its buzzing present. Athens, being the capital of a country that is situated between 3 continents, has developed into a melting pot of different cultures. My goal is to be able to introduce my guests to this lively and exciting city and to demonstrate to them that apart from its rich past there is also a rather interesting present and a promising future.


Official Guide Identity

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