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Wohnort: Athen
Sprachen: englisch, russisch, Ukrainisch
Telefon: +30 6907288910
E-mail: ma_abdull@yahoo.gr

Ausweis des offiziellen Fremdenführers


My name is Marianna Abdullaeva, and  I was born in Kuban, Russian Federation, where I received my higher education. My main specialization was history in which I did my Ph.D., and became an author of books on the history of the Greek diaspora.  Professional interests and family ties led me to Greece, where I have been living for more than 20 years (since 1997). I got a guide license after graduating from the Institute of Guides of the Greek Ministry of Tourism.

Being in love with Greece and its great past, I never cease to admire the amazing culture of this beautiful Mediterranean country and its proud patriotic people.

I know how to conduct fascinating excursions and can build exciting hiking trails. Among my excursions are historical, archaeological and architectural tours, as well as walking tours in order to get acquainted with the daily life of Greece, its inhabitants, and the peculiarities of the national cuisine.

I love communication, and I can adapt any tour in accordance with your interests and capabilities.








Ausweis des offiziellen Fremdenführers

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