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Languages: English, French
Place of residence: Athens

Lina Karakatsani is an English and French speaking licensed tourist guide for Greece.

Lina has obtained a B.A at the Department of Letters and Philosophy, in French Language and Literature (Aristotle University, 2001) in Thessaloniki and a Master's degree at the Department of Information and Communication (University Sorbonne III, 2004), in Paris.

She has worked as an English and French language teacher for many years in public schools, in Institutes of Vocational Training and in the private sector.

In 2011, Lina graduated from the National Tourist Guides College in Thessaloniki (2,5 years of professional formation with course subjects: history, art history and archaeology). Since then, she has been working as a professional qualified tourist guide (Ministry of Tourism), member of the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA).

Lina has been leading cultural and various other thematic tours throughout Greece (Attica Region and the city of Athens, Peloponnese, Continental and Northern Greece, Aegean and Ionian Islands) for:

  • groups or private guests
  • students (Colleges and Universities)
  • congresses
  • incentives and V.I.P.'s
  • scholars, friends of museums, journalists and documentarists.

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Finding continuous professional development essential, she keeps participating in national and international congresses, seminars and conferences on history, art history and archeology in the field.

Thanks to her eloquent language skills (she also speaks Italian and Spanish), her experience abroad and her extensive travelling throughout the world, Lina succeeds to link cultures for her clients' best understanding.

Lina always enjoys sharing with her guests her passion and love for Greece and its rich cultural heritage. She also likes involving them into different aspects of modern life, politics and economy, traditions, gastronomy and music, making them feel like a local.


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